Beyond Lemuria, Second Edition – The Simultane

On Thursday May 15th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the re-release of our science fiction epic Beyond Lemuria (Second Edition) which is presently available on Amazon in DVD. As our guests we will have Beyond Lemuria’s director Gregory Jednack, who also plays the villain Zoltan Nodesque in the film, and Ed Fitch who has the dual role of Colonel Rich and Reverend Bobby-John. Our main topic will be the new format with our Dero Princess on the cover this time and our new booklet that explains the Shaver Mystery aspects of the film. This is an important addition to help viewers understand the complex and esoteric meaning of the film. Our Intragravatron machine opens a vortex between dimensions that is very similar to one described in a novel by Richard Shaver. He postulates an endless “Multiverse” of dimensions he calls “The Simultane” which is compatible with ancient Hermetic philosophy and the latest theories of quantum physics. That we live different lives in different “Nows” both by choice and by accident is our occult interpretation of the Shaver Mystery, and the key concept in Beyond Lemuria. So tune in and find out what lies beyond the vortex.

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